Full Form of Computer

We are all aware of what a computer is, but do we actually know what exactly is the full form of computer? One would find this question in many competitive exams or an interviewer putting up the question during an interview. Even after this, people are unable to answer this one simple question.

Well, do not panic or feel bad as this isn’t your mistake. The answer to this question, it is very rare one would find it. There are many websites and blogs that tell us, what is a computer but there are very few websites that tell us about computer ki full form in Hindi bahoot hi Kam log mention Karte hai.

The computer was named as such because it importantly helps with all basic arithmetic operations to be performed. So, getting back to the topic of discussion, let’s find out what is the full form of computer?

Computer ka Full Form kya hai?

A computer is a machine. It helps not just to compute but is also capable of doing other tasks successfully. There are many full forms of Computer, but none of them is officially standardized.

C- Commonly 

O- Operated

M- Machine

P- Particularly

U- Used for 

T- Teaching

E- Education or

R- Research 

A computer is a device that is helpful to do arithmetic and logical calculations. In the machine, there is an Arithmetic and Logical Unit, also known as ALU. Together with this, there is also a memory within the electronic machine that helps to store the data and allows to retrieve and use it, as per the requirement.

There are different types of computer-based on Technology, like, Digital, Analog, and Hybrid.

The computer is also considered a programming machine, as it requires a program to do the requested tasks. It takes raw data from the users, processes it, and then produces the output for the users.

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Computer- Other Full Forms

On the internet, one would find many full forms of computer. Some of the common ones have been shared below,

  • Common Operating machines Particularly used for Trade, Education, and Research.
  • Commonly Operating Machine Particularly used for Technical and Education Research.
  • Common Oriented Machine Particularly used for Trade Education and Research.
  • Common Operations Made Possible under Technical Engineering Researches.
  • Capable of Making Perfectly Uncomplicated Tasks Extremely Rigorous.
  • Common Operating Machine Particularly used for Technical, Education, and Research.
  • Operating Machine Particularly used for Training, Education and Reporting.
  • Common Operating Machine Particularly used for Technical and Research.
  • Commonly Operated Machine Particularly used in Technical Education and Research.
  • Computing Oriented Manipulation Particularly used in Technology Education and Research.
  • Common Operating Machine Particularly used for Trade Education and Research.
  • Commonly Oriented Machine Particularly used for Trade Education and Research.
  • Complicated Office Machine Put Under Tremendous Effort to Reduce.
  • Common Oriented Machine Purely used for Technical and Educational Research.

Is there actually a Computer ka Full form?

In our opinion, Computer is not an acronym as the word has been taken from a Latin word called Computare, which means to Calculate.

In simple words, the Computer is an electronic device that is importantly used for the purpose of faster calculation.

According to some people, computer ka full hai, Common Operating Machine Purposely used for Technological and Educational Research.

But it doesn’t seem to be holding truth because the definition of these terms together does not give any meaning and on the other hand, when the Computer was invented, its sole purpose was to act as the calculating machine, and for establishing it, people back then needed a lot of space.

The computer is equal to ALU (Arithmetical Logical Unit) + CU (Control Unit).

What is Computer known as in Hindi?

Computer ka Hindi name ‘संगणक‘ hai.

This question might be common to you as it might have come up in your exams or interviews. You might even not know the Hindi word of Computer, and this is a very common thing. Do not panic, as today; this article will provide you with the Hindi meaning of Computer. It is understandable that it has become a very common question at the interviews for the interviewee and at exams for the students and the worst it, people are unable to answer it and due to this, many fail.

So, if you are going for an interview, make sure to know the correct answer to the question as we don’t know when this one common question can come up for you.

The answer to the question is- ‘संगणक’. Computer is called as such in Hindi, and when translated to the Hindi language, the sole and pure Hindi name of Computer is ‘संगणक’. Well, there are many people out there who don’t even know the right name for Computer.

Now we can hope that one would not forget the answer to this question. Make sure to spread a hand for help too and inform your friends about the information too.

Computer ka full form Hindi mye (What is the full form of Computer in Hindi?)

C- आम तौर पर

O- संचालित

M- मशीन

P- विशेष रूप से

U- प्रयुक्त

T- तकनीकी

E- शैक्षणिक

R- अनुसंधान

A computer is a machine, the use of which is generally done for Technical and Educational research.

What is Computer called in Hindi?

Analyzing the term Computer we get, Computer + r (which is a suffix). Here, Compute means to calculate, and the suffix R makes it the calculation doer. As this is a machine, this is known as a Calculation Doing Machine or संगणक यंत्र

Computer in Hindi means संगणक. This term was given by Commission for Scientific and Technical Terminology or CSTT. CSTT comes under the Department Ministry of Human Resource Development, and therefore the term संगणक can be considered as official.

What is the old name of Computer?

Computer in Hindi is known by various names. As it does the calculation, it is known as SANGANAK. This is the most common name for Computer. A computer is also known as Abhikalitra as this is a Programmable machine. At some places, it is also known as संगणक or गणना यंत्र.

Final Words

Hopefully the article about what is the full form of computer provided you all the information required. We try to provide complete information in one space to save our readers time and assure that they do not have to visit any other internet site or article for reference. 

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