Full Form Of DNA – DNA Kya Hota Hai?

We all have heard the word DNA, but is everyone aware of DNA full form? Mostly one gets to hear this word in films or news. At least once, we all might have heard that a DNA test was conducted of a person or the results of DNA provided this information, etc. Even after hearing it so many times, many still remain unaware about the DNA full name and what it is?

One definitely must have been curious to know what DNA is or what is DNA full form or what its use is, or what information one gets to know by getting their DNA test or how is a DNA test is done, etc. Well, if it is so, through this article, one will get all the necessary details about DNA so that one can understand it all.

If one is a student of standard 11th or 12th from the science stream, they might be aware of the term in detail as a lot of information is provided therein within the science subject, including the DNA ka full form. DNA is a structure that can be found in all living cells, i.e., every living thing has DNA. DNA is like an immortal thing, which gets transferred generation after generation. 

Considering all the information above, this article will provide details about DNA full form in Hindi. Get through it to know more.

What is DNA?

The chromosomes of living cells have a filamentous molecule; this molecule is known as DNA. The structure of DNA is like two strands running in the opposite direction like a round stair structure, and DNA is found in every living being. DNA has genetic qualities, and DNA is important for every living cell.

DNA was found in the year 1953 by the well-known American Biologist James Watson and the English Physicist Francis Crick. For this unique research, they were honored by the Nobel prize in 1962. 

DNA is the molecule that contains the genetic code of living beings. It is found in all, including humans, plants, bacteria, other living organisms, etc.

In the human body, DNA is found in every cell apart from red blood cells. Every human gets 23 combinations of DNA from their parents, and in every combination, one end is of the mother, while the other half of the combination is received from the father. It means that every human’s DNA is made of the mixture of their parent’s DNA. This is the reason why one can see varied qualities or behavior patterns of their parents in the kids, like, height, skin color, hair color, eyes, etc.

DNA Full Form in Hindi

DNA full name is Deoxyribonucleic Acid, and in Hindi, it is known as डीऑक्सीराइबोन्यूक्लिक अम्ल. it never dies as it gets transferred generation after generation. In humans, there are around 3 billion DNA bases, and 99.9% of them is similar in all humans. The rest 0.01%, which is different in every human. One will be shocked to hear this, but the chimpanzees and the humans’ DNA have 98% of similarities.

D- Deoxyribo

N- Nucleic

A- Acid

The shocking fact about human DNA is, if they are sorted, it will be so long that it can cover the distance from the earth to the sun, 300 times.

In every cell, DNA takes up around 0.09-micrometer space. In 1 gram of DNA, there can be stored around 700 terabytes of data. DNA forms its own model so that every single new cell in the body can get the DNA. In our body, every day, 1000-1,00,000 DNA gets destroyed. The information about the world’s every single living organism type, it can be stored in just one spoonful of DNA.

What Is a DNA Test, And How is it Done?

One might have heard and seen in News and Films about DNA tests, but surely its not known how it is done. Currently, with advancements in science, there are in total 1200 different test types. DNA gets transferred from one generation to another, and every human gene has 46 chromosomes, of which 23 come from the father and 23 from the mother.

DNA is immortal, and if there is any change in it, it is called as mutation. This occurs due to any chemical defect or because of the ultraviolet rays of the sun.

DNA contains all the genetic information, and with the DNA test, one can know if they have any genetic diseases or they might get it in the upcoming future. It is DNA that helps to know the color of eyes or color of hair, etc.

The DNA test is conducted by taking urine samples or hair or cells of cheeks, blood or skin cells, etc. These samples are then sent to the prospective organizations that do the DNA test, and the report of it is given to the concerned parties in 10-20 days. DNA testing organizations can charge between INR 5000- INR 50,000, and this depends on the type of test which one wants to do.


Who is the founder of DNA, and when was it found?

DNA was founded in the year 1953 by the well-known American Biologist James Watson and the English Physicist Francis Crick. For this unique research, they were honored by the Nobel prize in 1962. 

What is the importance of DNA?

DNA is very important in the field of Medical. After DNA was found, practical was conducted on it in different ways, which brought up a lot of information. Currently, the use of DNA and the value of it is given not just in the medical sector but also agricultural sector, legal tests, forensic tests, and much more. DNA is helpful in solving varied crime cases too.

By doing a DNA test, one can know who is the father of a kid, or one can even find related relatives like a brother, sister, aunt, etc. In the agricultural sector, it is used to find immunity levels or to know about the reproductive organisms. In the medical sector, the DNA test is also used for knowing the genetic diseases that have been transferred to the next generation and for starting the cure beforehand.

How much information can be stored in 1 gram of DNA?

One gram of DNA holds the storage capacity of 700 terabytes of information.

Can all of the world’s details be stored in the DNA?

Yes. This is possible. All the data of the world that is available on the internet can be stored in 2 grams of DNA.

How is DNA tested?

It is tested using either blood, cells from cheeks, or urine sample.

Final words

Hope all the information was provided within this article in respect to DNA full form. We have made sure that our readers get all the info in one space so that they do not have to waste time trying to find distributed information through other websites or blogs. However, if you still have any concerns or issues, kindly connect with us, and we will ensure a timely address of the scenario.

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