Full Form of SSC | What Is SSC? | How To Prepare?

We have all heard around the term SSC but do we know what is SSC full form? If you are not aware, this article will provide complete will help you through it and will provide much more details about SSC. 

Government jobs are considered to be security providers, and people worry less after getting them. The reason behind this is no more fear of losing the position or a decrease in salary. Apart from this, in society, government job holders are given a lot of respect. None of the private jobs will provide a salary like a government job, and this is why a huge portion of the youth is highly attracted towards a government job.

Every individual looks for a better job, and this makes them work hard. There are many exams and ways to get a government job, and SSC is one of them. So, if one wants to get a government job, SSC can be a great medium. Through SSC, its not just one but many more other government jobs. If one doesn’t know much about SSC, note that this is a government organization that helps to fill up many government positions by selecting eligible candidates.

In regards to the above information, this article will provide complete information about SSC in detail. Give a read to know more.

What is the SSC full form in English?

SSC full form is, Staff Selection Commission. It was established on 4th November 1975. At first, it was named Subordinate Services Commission, but the name was later in 1977 changed to Staff Selection Commission. Through SSC, the government-associated B and C grade job posts are released, and it is through this institution that different exams are taken, which in turn helps people to get employed. SSC ka full form has already been discussed by us, and that full form is official and acceptable by all.

S- Staff 

S- Selection

C- Commission

SSC releases job vacancies for candidates belonging to all communities, no matter it is a job for standard12th passed student or a post-graduate. 

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What are other full forms of SSC?

As a matter of fact, the one known and best full form of SSC is Staff Selection Commission, but there are also some other full forms of SSC too. The list has been given below.

Subordinate Service Commission- SSC was established in 1995 and was previously known as Subordinate Service Commission that was later changed to Staff Selection Commission.

Secondary School Certificate- The secondary school certificate examinations that are in India conducted by CBSE and some other state boards; it is also known as SSC. SSC here is also known as 10th board exams.

SSC ka full form Hindi me?

Every year, candidates give exams for SSC. The ones’ who cleared exams got different types of jobs based on the vacancies. SSC full form is Staff Selection Commission, but we are sure most of you reading this article do not know what SSC is known in Hindi. For candidates who are interested to know about SSC and have any plans for giving SSC exams in the future, what is SSC known in Hindi is an important question to seek an answer for.

SSC in Hindi is known as कर्मचारी चयन आयोग. A system like SSC is not just in India but in most countries worldwide. It is a medium to provide jobs to the candidates who can manage the Government arrangements. 

 SSC ka full form Hindi me- SSC full form in Hindi

Reading the above information, surely you are aware of a lot of SSC full forms. However, the most accurate SSC full form in English is Staff Selection Commission. The Hindi full form of SSC is, 

S- कर्मचारी

S- चयन

C- आयोग

It means the full form of SSC in Hindi is कर्मचारी चयन आयोग.

Which exams are held under SSC?

SSC is a selection board that every year holds different competitive exams, including CGL, Steno, JHT, CHSL, JE, CAPF, etc. In the list, candidates, as per their qualification, eligibility and capability, sit for different exams and clearing them to get their jobs in different departments. Understanding it, let’s proceed to know about different exams held under SSC.

  • CAPF (Central Armed Police Forces)
  • Central Police Organization
  • Junior Engineer
  • Junior Hindi Translator (JTH)
  • SSC Combined Graduate Level Exam (SSC CGL)
  • Combined Higher Secondary Level Exam (SSC CHSL)
  • SSC GD (Constable General Duty)
  • SSC Multitasking
  • Stenographer

How to prepare for SSC?

Clearing the exams of SSC is quite difficult. However, there are many more difficult exams conducted in India, like IAS exams, etc. So, clearing SSC is not that difficult, and if one gives their hard work and moves with the right approach to prepare, one can clear the SSC exam and get a good government job. One can follow the below-mentioned tips to prepare for SSC exams.

  • Prepare as per the syllabus- The best part of SSC exams is, they have a confirmed syllabus. So, anyone planning to give any of the SSC conducted exams can know the syllabus and start to prepare for it.
  • Get the right study material- Many candidates cannot clear the exams as they do not know how and what to study. So, make sure to get the right materials. One can even use the internet for it, or one can even enroll themselves for coaching and get the right study material provided from their end.
  • Give all the subjects equal time- It is a student’s tendency that they give more time to hard subjects and they get good marks in it, but for the easy ones, they stay behind. So, make sure to give equal time and, if required, prepare a timetable and study accordingly.
  • Check the previous exam papers- Candidates planning to give SSC exams must never ignore previous exam papers. It will help one understand the type of paper they will get and how to prepare for it.
  • Prepare notes- Most of the students who join coaching, they study with the Teacher prepared notes but do not just concentrate on them. Make sure to use your knowledge and prepare notes for yourself. It helps to clear questions, and with the exams getting closer, studies do not seem to be a burden. Only reading through notes is enough.

Final Words

Hopefully, this article about SSC full form in English provided you the right knowledge. We assure to provide all information in one place so that our readers do not have to visit other websites and blogs to know the answers to different questions. This helps save time which can be used for studying.

In case one still has any doubt or queries about the article, kindly connect with us. We will assure our presence on time and will try to help you to the best possible.

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